Welcome to the Online Adventure The Mystery of Castle Wildenburg

What is The Mystery of Castle Wildenburg?

TMoCW is a classic point&click-adventure, which combines original photos of countryside from Germany`s deep forests with the cartoon-like drawings by the artist Aurèle Mechler.
In the course of the game you have to solve some puzzles, but there`s no pressure of time.
The game could be played with any computer, which has a connection to the internet and a webbrowser.
For playing you don`t need to register, to download anything or to pay money. Join the game!

[04.03.15] 10 YEARS Mystery of Castle Wildenburg!!!
For this anniversary I made a cheat today. With this cheat you can't die of thirst any more.
Just press the button at the right top corner, but it will cost one point.

[20.11.07] To access the forum...
...now a password is required to avoid spam attacks.
For Login and password just enter wildenburg.
Although the game is already 2 years old a lot of gamers have fun. That's great!

[04.09.06] Version 2.0 Once more puzzles, more points and still more adventure!
It`s done! The second chapter of the game starts from today.
Have fun with the continuation of The Mystery of Castle Wildenburg!

[24.05.06] From today...
...here`s also a guestbook and a presentation of the best-looking blogs and websites, which featured the game.
Thanks a lot to all people out there for supporting the development of this game!

[23.05.06] A continuation of the game...
...will probably come out at the end of this year.
Until then you can apply the newsletter to keep up to date.

[27.02.06] Some players asked me why...
...all points get lost after loading a saved game. This is done deliberately, `cause if someone wants to earn a lot of points he or she should play the whole game from its start to end.
In the last two weeks I got great support in the translation of the game by a native English speaker from Australia.
Thanks a lot Rick! ;-)

[14.02.06] From today...
...the Castle Wildenburg opens its gates for English-speaking people, too!
I hope, you will join the game and it will not be too difficult.
Anyway you can give some feedback in the forum ;-)
Have fun in search of the Mystery of Castle Wildenburg!

• Start the adventure.
• What`s the object of the game? This and more you will find here.
• Who was the best until now? Here you can look in the highscores.
• How does the game work? You will find instructions with tips & tricks here.
• Exchange your experiences with other players, give some feedback or get informations about the background of the game in the forum.
System requirements
• The game is optimized for a screen-resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixel...
• ...and was tested with following browsers: Internet Explorer hence Version 5, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape hence Version 6.
• The best layout and functionality you will get with the browser Firefox ( Download ).
Important: Your browser must accept cookies, for loading a saved game and an "error-free" game-playing, see forum and here.
Because this game is web-based, your game data (such as the items in your inventory, the skills you have obtained and the places you may have already been) will be lost if you remain inactive for more than 30 minutes. For this reason, we suggest that you save your game whenever you may be away from your computer. When you return to the game, simply load your saved game.
• With Opera the save- and loadbutton won`t be displayed, unless you use a "trick", see forum.
• JavaScript has to be activated. If you can see this triangle here, it works.
• A fast connection to the internet (DSL) is unnecessary. The game could also be played with a modem or lower ISDN-connection, in this case you would need some more time to load the images.
• For the music and soundeffects, a special plug-in must be installed, which can play midi-files, for examle the Quicktime-Player
( Download ). If you can hear the melody now, it works. Unfortunately had to disable the music and sound effects, because modern web browsers cant play them any more.

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